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С.Д.Валентей Our journal is published since February, 1996. The very date of the publication start confirms that the journal appeared at the break point of many centuries-old history of the Russian state. By this period the Russian society has recognized for itself that the original, real, free of imaginary federation is the unique and the only comprehensible form of a democratic state system. However, in the country still there was no either the integral concept, or the consecutive program of the measures, directed to forming public relations on the bases of real federalism.

Founders of the journal have come to conclusion: in order to help society to reach really complex understanding of federalism problems, it is necessary to unite efforts of lawyers and economists, geographers and ethnographers, historians and philosophers, sociologists and political scientists, so to say, all, whose researching anyhow covers the problems of federalism. And even more: this task can't be solved without the involving representatives of executive and legislative branches of power of all levels, including local self-government.

The given reasons also have moved the founders to the creation of the journal, the author and the reader of which can become everyone, for whom it is vital and on whom depends the future of the Russian state and society, destiny of the Russian democracy as a whole.

Internet users already had an opportunity to familiarize with the contents of the journal for the passed period. On the site the contents of all numbers of the journal is presented by years; authors are specified and articles, with which they have published, are named. Since the second half of 2000 as the announcement the edition publishes in this section the expanded summaries of future issues of the journal.

At the moment our opportunities has considerably extended: on the site FEDERALIZM.RU we shall more comprehensive inform about the journal (its electronic version); about the members of the editorial board and the authors. We shall provide Internet users an opportunity to acquire the electronic version of concrete articles, of thematic sections and whole issues, and as well to buy subscription to the product of our edition. We plan to organize and keep constant dialogue with interested persons and the organizations.

We are glad to welcome on our site all its visitors and we hope for mutually advantageous cooperation.

Editor-in-chief of the "Federalizm" journal
Doctor of Economics,
Valentey S.D.