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"FEDERALIZM" #4 (72) 2013



Policy of modernization of the Russian federalism

The article analyzes the content and the realization mechanisms of the modernization policy of the Russian federalism. The paper reveals its main characteristics and trends at different stages of formation and realization. The authors review the optimization scenarios for the Russian model of territorial structure and identify the factors of positive and negative development of the situation in this sphere.

Keywords: modernization, region, scenario, territorial structure, federalism, federal state, federative relations

BAKHLOVA Olga Vladimirovna, Dr. Sc. (Polit.), Professor of the Chair of the World History and the World Political Process, Leading researcher of the Scientific and Educational Center Political Analysis of the Territorial Systems, N. P. Ogarev Mordovian State University, e-mail:
KURLEVSKIY Ivan Vladimirovich, Cand. Sc. (Polit.), lecturer of the Chair of State and legal disciplines, Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (Mid-Volga (Saransk) branch), e-mail:


Mechanisms of public-private partnerships in solving employment problems in the subjects of the Russian Federation

The paper presents a study of the potential of public-private partnership (PPP) mechanisms as a factor of reducing tensions in the labour market in the Russian regions. The paper shows the possibilities of the solution with the help of PPPs tools of such problems as: the reduction of unemployment in the Russian regions, the activation of the employment services, the restructuring of the staffing of regional labour markets, ensuring skills development.

Keywords: labor market, regional economy, public-private partnership (PPP), employment

ZEDINA Yulia Anatilevna, Cand. Sc. (Law), Chairman of the Financial Holding Company, e-mail:



Improvement of the methodology and new results of the estimation of investment activity in the regions of Russia

The article is devoted to the actual questions of elaboration of the methodological tools for the estimation of investment activity in Russias regions for the perfection of state the investment policy. The author scientifically proves the utilization of a new set of indicators of investment activity. The paper offers the results of experimental calculations, based on the national statistical data for 2007-2012. The author elaborated the map of Russia regions ranged in accordance with the level of investment activity in 2012.

Keywords: investment activity, methodical approach, regional development private investments

GRISHINA Irina Vladimirovna, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Head of the Department of the Council for the Study of Productive Forces under Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and RAS, e-mail:
ROYZMAN Israel Ilich, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Professor, Expert-Consultant of the Council for the Study of Productive Forces under Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and RAS, e-mail:


The problems of the structural policy in Russia

The article investigates the problem of management of structural changes in the economy and offers macroeconomic indicators and parameters which should be considered in assessing structural changes. The author proposes an algorithm for the formation of the structural policy in Russia, proves its necessity and highlights the main problems of its implementation.

Keywords: economic structure, shear, structural policy

SUKHAREV Oleg Sergeevich, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), professor, leading scientific researcher, Institute of Economics, RAS, e-mail:



On the economic nature of social insurance and taxation in Russia (The experience of the twentieth century)

The paper provides the characteristic of the economic nature of social taxation and social security as complementary institutions. The paper reviews the evolution of the national labour insurance system into the social taxation system for all categories of the population during the twentieth century. The author gives the characteristic of the role of the modern fiscal policy in forming the situation of social protection in the Russian society.

Keywords: contributions to the social insurance funds, pension, social insurance, social tax, social benefit

KARAVAEVA Irina Vladimirovna, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Professor, Head of the Chair of Economic Theory, Institute of Economics, RAS; Chief scientific researcher of the Center for financial studies, Institute of Economics, RAS; professor of the Faculty of Economics of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, e-mail:


The fundamentals of state planning of socio-economic development in Russia

The article studies the legislation in the sphere of planning of socio-economic development in Russia. The papers makes focus on the basic shortages of the system of state planning of socio-economic development. The author proposes the directions of improvement the system of state planning policies of social and economic development of Russia.

Keywords: state policy, planning, strategy

LUGOVSKOY Roman Andreevich, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), associate professor of the Chair Management; St. Petersburg State University of Commerce and Economics, e-mail:


Forecast of the development of mortgage lending in Russia

The article considers the mortgage lending development trends in Russia in 2005-2012. The author discovers the relationship of mortgage lending development and the dynamics of consumer sentiment indices. Special attention is paid to the methodological aspects of the mortgage lending dynamics analysis. The paper contains the scenario forecast of the mortgage lending development based on the growth model determined by consumer sentiment indices. The paper shows that a number of economic and political events, recently took place in Russia, could lead to the implementation of the pessimistic scenario associated with the decline in the consumer sentiment indices and the consequent reduction in the volume of mortgage debt.

Keywords: Mortgage lending, consumer sentiments, consumer sentiment indices, the index of the expected change in the number of unemployed, sociological factors, scenario forecast of mortgage lending

MOISEEV Anton Kirillovich, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), leading researcher, Institute of Economic Forecasting, RAS, e-mail:
CHERKOVETS Marina Vladimorovna, Cand. Sc. (Geography), Senior researcher, Institute of Economic Forecasting, RAS, e-mail:


Population migration and the development of the regions of Siberia and the Far East

The paper considers the main trends of migration processes in the post-Soviet Russia and their impact on the labour potential of its territories. The author analyzes the effects, including mutual exchange of personnel between federal districts. The paper proves the necessity to activate the migration policy measures and proposes replenishing measures with labour force for eastern and northern regions of the country, primarily through labour resources rational redistribution.

Keywords: external migration, internal migration, migration policy, regions, labour potential

BARANENKOVA Taissiya Alekseevna, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), Senior researcher of the Laboratory of social and labor relations, Institute of Economics, RAS, e-mail:


Terms of the human capital realization in the regions of the Volga Federal District

The paper considers the problems of the human capital development. The article contains author's approach to the analysis of its measurement. The author offers the technique of measuring the conditions for the development of human capital with the release of the conditions of its reproduction, accumulation and realization. The paper provides testing results of this methodology basing on the example of the regions of the Volga Federal District.

Keywords: human capital development, region, human potential, economy of knowledge

ISHMUKHAMETOV Nail Salavatovich, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), associate professor; Bashkir state university (Ufa), e-mail:



Municipal reform in Russia. Some results of the last decade

The article considers institutional aspects of the municipal reform in Russia during 2003-2013. The paper provides the evaluation of both positive and problematic results of the reform, including the institutionalization of local self-government in the regions of the country. The author proves the suggestions to expand the number of operating institutions of local self-government, basing both on the specificity of various types of Russian regions and on the task to strengthen the role of the municipal level of governing in the solution of the problem of Russia economy modernization.

Keywords: decentralization of regulation of the municipal organization in Russia, institutions of local self-government, municipal reform, subjects of Federation

BUKHVALD Evgeny Moiseevich, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Professor, Head of the Centre of federal relations and regional development; Institute of Economics, RAS, e-mail:


Legal and budgetary relations in the practice of formation of local budgets in the Russian Federation

The article reviews the problems of legal and budgetary relations in the practice of formation of local budgets in the Russian Federation. The paper shows the experience of budgetary relations regulation in Kemerovo region and seeking the reserves of replenishment of municipal units budgets. The author formulates possible directions of improvement of the legal and budgetary relations in forming budgets of municipalities.

Keywords: budget provision, budget relations, grants, local self-government, the ranking of the territories

KOSINSKIY Petr Dmitrievich, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), professor of chair "Public and municipal administration", Kemerovo state technical university after T.F.Gorbachev, e-mail:
ASHARAT Alexandr Genadievich, associate professor; Chair Taxation, entrepreneurship and law, Kemerovo state university, e-mail:


Problems of organizational separateness of local self-government in Russia as an example of the Kemerovo region

The article on the example of the Kemerovo region examines the experience of local government as an independent level of public authority in the implementation of the constitutional principle of its organizational isolation. The paper considers the formation of local self-government bodies in 1990s and analyzes current problems of local governments activity. The author offers some recommendations of the legislative and practical nature for improving the system and structure of local government bodies.

Keywords: municipal formation, organizational isolation of local self-government bodies, local self government bodies, reform of local self-government

MIROSHNIK Vladimir Alexandrovich, Cand. Sc. (History), Associate professor, Advisor to the Chairman of the Council of Peoples Deputies of Kemerovo region, e-mail:


Alexander DAGAEV

Innovations for innovations: new trends in commercialization of intellectual property

The article deals with the new organizational forms of intellectual property commercialization in the industrially developed countries. The papers focuses on the rises of competition for the obtaining of U.S. and European patents by the most developed Asian countries and a sharp increase in patenting of inventions in China. The paper reviews some new organizational innovations, which are implemented in the United States and Western Europe with the aim to preserve the existing competitive advantages. Among these innovations the reform of the patent system in the United States and the transition to a single European patent. The paper discusses introducing in some Western European countries and in China a new mechanism of stimulating industrial companies engaged in the successful commercialization of the patented innovation.

Keywords: Western Europe, innovations, intellectual property, patent box, patents, the USA, China

DAGAEV Alexander Alexandrovich, Cand. Sc. (Tech.), Associate professor, National Research University - Higher School of Economics, e-mail:



Report is not interesting for anyone

The article is devoted to the causes of the current imbalances in the budget process in the Russian Federation. Attention is paid to the fact that the analysis of the law on the execution of the Federal budget for 2012 has been signed by the President on September, the 30th, 2013, i.e. on the day, when the State Duma received a draft of the budget for 2014. Such practice doesnt allow to avoid errors in the formation of the federal budget. Only peer review of the budget performance in the previous period will make it possible to remove the above problem. Such an approach, basing on the example of the federal budget for 2012 evaluation, is proposed in the paper.

Keywords: budget, public administration, consolidated budget, intergovernmental budget relations, social policy, social spending, subjects of the Russian Federation

RZHANITSYNA Lyudmila Sergeevna, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), professor, chief researcher, Institute of Economics, RAS, e-mail:


Labour market and the peculiarities of its development in Russia

The article analyzes the current situation in the Russian labour market. The author examines the main measures of the state policy in the sphere of population employment promoting, namely the implementation of regional programs of employment of the population. The paper presents the most popular professions in the Russian labour market.

Keywords: unemployment, state policy in the sphere of employment, population employment, wages, profession, labour market

FEDOROVA Elena Sergeevna, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), Senior Researcher, Institute of Economics, RAS, e-mail:

Abdurakhman MAGOMEDOV

Natural-science bases for the improvement of pasture land utilization in Dagestan

The paper examines the problems of scientifically proved realization of interaction between landscape and time regularities of nature utilization for the solution of problems of reservation of high-rise belts pasture lands in Republic of Dagestan.

Keywords: agroresource-saving production cycle, reproduction, modernization, ecological-economic efficiency

MAGOMEDOV Abdurakhman Magomedovich, Cand. Sc. (Geography), Associate professor of the Chair "Economic analysis and statistics", Dagestan state university, e-mail:



Normative foundations of social and political demarcation in modern Russia

The article examines the socio-political situation in contemporary Russia through the prism of the concept of social and political demarcation of S. Lipset and S. Rokkan. The paper releases several types of socio-political demarcation inherent to the post-Soviet period of Russian society: territorial; professional and educational; economic and political disengagement, as well as axiological division considered as the key one - society representatives discrepancy in the perception of reality, in estimating current events and in inserting different meanings in a committed acts.

Keywords: consolidation, Lipset S., demarcations, Rokkan S., values

KUZMENKOV Vladimir Alexandrovich, Post-graduate, Education-Science-Production Complex of the Orel city State University, e-mail:

Aleksandr NEKRASOV

The elite of the Ural towns: the definition of the resulting indicator of economic development of million-population cities of the Ural economic region

The article analyzes the methodology for determining the gross municipal product of the Ural economic region. The paper contains author's approach to the calculation of its volume for the million-population cities, which makes it possible to determine the share of these cities in the gross regional product of the Ural economic region. The paper presents calculations of the gross municipal product of Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Perm and Ufa for the period of 2009-2011.

Keywords: gross municipal product, gross regional product, million-population cities

NEKRASOV Aleksandr Alekseevich, Trainee researcher, Institute of Economics, Urals Branch of RAS, e-mail: