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"FEDERALIZM" #3 (63) 2011


Aleksandr SHVETSOV

Innovative super-project Information Society

The sense and content of innovative project information society are considered. The prerequisites and restrictions of project realization under conditions of modern Russia are analyzed.

Keywords: innovations, information society, information and communications technologies, modernization

SHVETSOV Aleksandr Nikolaevich, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Professor, deputy director, Institute of Systems Analysis, RAS, e-mail:


Possibilities of innovative development of the Far East economy

The article analyzes the main issues, trends, conditions and restrictions of innovative development of the Far East. The strategic orientations of innovative development of the region are detailed.

Keywords: The Far East, innovation, innovative development, strategy

GUDKOVA Evgenia Vasilievna, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), Head of sector, Institute of Economic Research, RAS Far Eastern Branch, e-mail:

Valentina MIKITYUK

The strategy of post-crisis development of the Arkhangelsk region

The article considers new approaches to the formation and realization of strategy of social and economic development of Arkhangelsk region during the post-crisis period. The author concentrates at the increase of investment attractiveness of regional economy, at the creation of new niches for the inflow of domestic and foreign investments and the development of public-private partnership.

Keywords: Arkhangelsk region, public-private partnership, investment climate of the region, investment activity in the region, investment policy of region and municipal units

MIKITYUK Valentina Anatolievna, Senior lecturer, Arkhangelsk branch of the All-Russia Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute, e-mail:


Aleksandr TATARKIN

Innovational model and systemic modernization of the Russian Federation

This paper discusses the results of the study regarding innovative state of the Russian Federation in comparison with other countries. The reasons for low innovational activity of market agents and the population are analyzed. Steps to review the role of individual institutions in order to enhance innovational and systemic modernization of Russia are proposed.

Keywords: innovations, innovational model, modernization, region, restructuring

TATARKIN Aleksandr Ivanovich, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Professor, Academician, RAS, Director, Institute of Economics, RAS Ural Branch, e-mail:

Alexander RATZ

Location of regions and municipalities in the national innovation system in Russia

Issues of assessment of innovation development territories location, both regional and municipal, and their role in creating national innovation system in Russian Federation are considered. Options for solving this task are proposed.

Keywords: clusters, special technology development zones, regional programs, territories of the innovative development, technology parks

RATZ Alexander Alekseevich, Executive Secretary, Supervisory Board of Special Economic Zone of Technical Implementation Type, Dubna, Moscow Region, Chairman of Board of Directors International Innovation Nanotechnological Centre, e-mail:

Arseniy BRYKIN

Formation of national innovation system of Russia: Initiatives, problems and perspectives

The problems of formation of National Innovation System (NIS) infrastructure in Russia are analyzed in the article. The development concept based on coordination and optimization of methods and tools available to state machinery is presented. The model of formation of national industrial policy is presented. Initiatives in the area of creation and further development of NIS of Russia are analyzed.

Keywords: innovations, National Innovation System, economic development, effectiveness, business, state control, industrial policy

BRYKIN Arseniy Veleryevich, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), Deputy Director General on strategic development and implementation of state programs, JSC Ruselectronics, e-mail:



Municipal reform and municipal management

The paper considers the problem of relations between the head of the municipality and the head of local administration. The author's position to address some problems of local importance is presented. Some proposals to improve legislation are made.

Keywords: Head of a municipal entity, Head of a local administration, municipality, powers

MISHCHERYAKOV Yuri Nikolayevich, Head of the City of Orenburg, First Vice-President, Chair of Expert Board of the International Assembly of Capitals and Big Cities, representative of the national delegation of the Russian Federation in the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Council of Europe, e-mail:

Valery PROKH

Municipal management and innovative activity

The article discusses issues of development of science cities. The science city Dubna development experience is analyzed. Amendment proposals for strategic document Innovative Russia-2020 are formulated.

Keywords: Dubna, municipality, science city, industrial park, innovation economy

PROKH Valery Eduardovich, Cand. Sc. (Psych.), Head of the Dubna City Administration, Dubna, Moscow Region, full member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, e-mail:


Disadvantages of the legislation in the field of the land tenure taxation in Russia

Disadvantages of the legislation in the field of land tenure are analyzed in the article. Negative consequences of the given disadvantages for tax base formation of municipalities are revealed on the example of Komi Republic. Proposals for improving calculation and collection order of the land tax are formulated.

Keywords: land tax, local budget, local tax, real estate tax, tax base, northern region

CHUZHMAROVA Svetlana Ivanovna, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), associate professor, Head of chair of taxes and taxation, Syktyvkar State University, e-mail:



Modernization of the economy and problems of the reproduction of capital in Russia

The article examines the nature of capital accumulation, the distribution of GDP per capital formation and final consumption, the possibility of increasing savings in order to modernize the Russian economy. The assessment of the necessary timeframe and key macroeconomic proportions of reproduction is carried out.

Keywords: final consumption, modernization, accumulation of capital, optimizing the use of GDP

POGOSOV Igor Aleksandrovich, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), professor, chief researcher, Institute of Economics, RAS, e-mail:
SOKOLOVSKAYA Elena Anatolievna, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), senior scientific researcher, Institute of Economics, RAS, e-mail:

Lyudmila ZALKIND

Results of housing reform in Northern regions

The article considers the processes of housing and communal service transformations in the regions of the Far North. The reform and its impact on housing relations, change of property rights in housing and communal services are analyzed.

Keywords: housing policy, housing reform, northern regions

ZALKIND Lyudmila Olegovna, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), associate professor, senior researcher, Institute for Economic Studies, Kola Science Centre RAS, e-mail:


The ecology and nature management in Russia

The article analyzes the state of ecology in Russian regions, notes the presence of unsustainable nature management practices. The issues of improving nature protection legislation and using innovations for environmental protection are considered.

Keywords: nature management, environment, waste, innovation

GAVRILOV Victor Petrovich, Cand. Sc. (Econ.), leading scientific researcher, Institute of Economics, RAS e-mail: spark_sun@



System approach to the federal structure of Russia

The article is devoted to introduction of the system approach for the purpose of managing Russias development in its state-territorial measurement. The basic problems of domestic federal system, variants, principles and ways of their solving with use of various methodological approaches are analyzed.

Keywords: optimization of the territorial structure, the system approach, management of development, federalism, the federal legislation, federal target programs

DOBRININ Nikolai Mikhailovich, Dr. Sc. (Law), Professor, the chair of constitutional and municipal law, Institute of State and Law, Tyumen State University e-mail:
GLIGICH-ZOLOTAREVA Milena Valer'evna, Cand. Sc. (Law), senior researcher, the Center of economics of federal relations, Institute of Economics, RAS e-mail:


On the way to decentralization of public power

Russian model of delimitation of public power is analyzed in the article. The authors view on the prospective model of Russian federalism based on decentralization of authority is stated and legislative fixation with experimental testing the scheme of delimitation of authority in the sphere of possession, usage and disposal of natural resources is proposed.

Keywords: decentralization of authority, legal experiment, principle of subsidiarity, principle of cooperation, principle of agreement, delimitation of public power

CHEREPANOV Victor Alexeyevich, Dr. Sc. (Law), professor, Honoured Lawyer of the Russian Federation, professor of the law chair, Stavropol Agrarian State University e-mail:


Constitutionally-legal responsibility of the higher officials of subjects of the Russian Federation

In the article the history of development of constitutionally-legal responsibility of the higher officials of subjects of the Russian Federation is analyzed. Problems of its application are investigated. Ways of elimination of legislative collisions are offered. Responsibility of subjects as a consequence of constitutional tort and inefficient realization of the powers is considered.

Keywords: Higher official of the subject of the Russian Federation, responsibility, President of the Russian Federation, Constitutional law of the Russian Federation

KONDRASHEV Andrey Alexandrovich, Cand. Sc. (Law), associate professor, chairman adviser, Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory e-mail:



Experience of creation and development prospect of tourist territory brand in Russian Federation

Brand of territory is considered as an instrument of its strategic development. The reasons of low development of national branding market are shown. The examples of successful experience of creating tourist territory brand in Russian Federation are presented.

Keywords: brand of tourist territory, strategic development, territorial marketing, tourism

GRIDNEVA Nataliya Andreevna, Postgraduate student, Moscow international higher business school MIRBIS e-mail:


Three Russias in the socio-economic dimension

On the basis of study of the income inequality in the regions of Russia, the author distinguishes three groups of regions, which level of development determines the standard of living. The analysis reveals that today one can speak of the existence of three Russias.

Keywords: differentiation of regions, social polarization, stratification of society, three Russias

ZAGIDULLINA Ilsiyar Faritovna, Post-graduate student, Institute of Economics, RAS e-mail:


The significance of foreign investment in socio-economic development of regions of Republic of Kazakhstan

The article analyzes the influence of foreign investment on socio-economic development of regions of Republic of Kazakhstan regarding the problem of economys diversification and modernization. Attention is paid to the effect of member-countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, bordering with Kazakhstan regions, on the flow of foreign investments and efficiency of their use.

Keywords: investment climate, regions polarization by the level of economic development, regional development, Republic of Kazakhstan, free economic zones

NOVIKOVA Natalia Vladimirovna, Postgraduate student, Institute of Economics, RAS e-mail:


Public-private partnership within the system of strategic planning in the subjects of the Russian Federation

The article considers regional aspects of public-private partnership in which the parties are presented by regional authorities and representatives of local business. The paper makes focus at those goals of regional social and economic development, which are most perspective from the point of view of mechanisms of such partnership. Special attention is paid to the contribution of such partnership to the solution of problems of innovative modernization of economy of subjects of the Federation. The article offers some recommendations, aimed at strengthening the institutional and legal base of public-private partnership at the regional level.

Keywords: Subjects of the Russian Federation, public-private partnership, innovative modernization of economy, investment climate in regions, special and other economic zones

KHLEBNIKOV Kirill Vyacheslavovich, Seeker Institute of Economics, RAS e-mail: